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About Jody Tan

Fresh out of national service, Jody ventured into real estate at the age of 24. The beginning wasn't easy; he didn't close a single deal in his first 6 months of his career. His daily schedule was gruelling, starting with driving for Grab from 7 to 11am in the morning, followed by cold calls in the office from 1 to 5pm in the afternoon, and then distributing flyers until 11pm at night.


During his second year in business, he began achieving small successes by focusing on penetrating the market for landed houses in the east. It was during this period that his peers started noticing his achievements and became curious about pursuing a career as a real estate agent themselves.

At that time, with the rise of digital marketing, Jody took the initiative to attend numerous external courses to acquire the skills required to excel in this burgeoning field.




From that point onward, his team began to expand, and armed with his newfound knowledge, he successfully nurtured the top champion rookie in Hutton's for both the years 2019 and 2020. Simultaneously, his personal sales soared, earning him the title of a 2x Millionaire Agent for both the years 2021 and 2022—an accolade bestowed upon agents who surpass $1 million in sales for the respective year.


Mentored 2019 Top

Rookie of Huttons

Established Jody Tan District and mentored the Top Rookie of Huttons.

Champion Division Director

Focused on acquiring digital skill sets while expanding #JTD. Mentored the 2020 Top Rookie of Huttons. Achieved Champion Division Director for team sales. Purchased his first private property at Bugis at age 26.

1st Millionaire Award

Earned his first Millionaire award and mentored his first millionaire agent, Brandon Loh. Moved to their independent office. Initiated the 'no outsourcing' digital marketing campaign for agents interested in Google Ads and Facebook.


Achieved his second Millionaire award and launched the industry's first #zerotohero programme. Mentored his second millionaire agent, Jay Loy. Also received the Champion Recruiter award for that year.

#NEC Programme

Initiated #NEC (Navigating the Everchanging Real Estate Market), a 15-part programme equipping agents with essential skill sets for the rapidly evolving market.
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#JTD now prioritizes the grooming of agents, whether they're new or experienced. They've developed signature programs like #zerotohero and #NEC, designed to ensure their agents remain relevant and equipped in today's ever-evolving market.



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"Despite being a new team, Jody has successfully groomed the champion Top Rookie of Huttons for 2 consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. Till date, his team has grown to more than 100 people with a mixture of both experienced and new agents."
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